Cherry Capital Airport Conducts Anti-Hijack Training With Northern Michigan Agencies

“May I have your attention please? The Cherry Capital Airport is conducting an exercise. Again, this is just an exercise.”

If you passed through the Cherry Capital Airport in Traverse City Wednesday morning, you may have been a little shocked to see officers wearing combat gear and people holding their hands up.

Thankfully there was no cause for alarm as it was just a part of training.

Every three years, TVC holds drills to prepare for the worst.

This year it was a simulated hijack attack with an active shooter.

Several police agencies from across the state were at TVC for the drill along with the fire department and Munson.

The airport remained open during the drill but law enforcement says they try to let business run as usual.

“Unfortunately there’s no off switch at the airport. We have to take care of regular business as usual” said Chief Jim Tuller of the Traverse City Fire Department.

“We can’t just train out in the middle of a hayfield somewhere. We have to train in buildings, we have to train in locations. Most people will understand that but we’re taking a lot of steps to make sure they’re comfortable with what’s going on.”

Victims in the airport hostage situation were played by local volunteers.