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Tech Tuesday: Let Amazon Echo Cure Your Boredom

We’ve all been there: You’re at home, you have no plans, and you’re going stir-crazy.

When you can’t think of anything to do to entertain your curious mind, turn to Amazon Echo’s Alexa to ease your boredom!

In Tech Tuesday, we show you the different ways Alexa can keep you entertained.

Alexa, I’m Bored

If you’re struggling to find anything to do, enable the I’m Bored skill in the Alexa app and say, “Alexa, I’m bored.” Alexa will respond with a fun fact. The goal is to find something so interesting you’ll spend time researching the topic and your boredom will disappear.

Escape The Room

If you’re feeling trapped at home, enable the Escape the Room skill in the Alexa app to plan your escape. Just say, “Alexa, open Escape the Room.” With the Escape the Room skill, you’re given five options to choose from to escape. Those options include a jail cell, office, car, airplane or garage. You’ll be given puzzles you need to solve in order to escape!

Play a Game

Girls just want to have fun, and Alexa is no exception. Alexa has plenty of games to keep you entertained all day. Just ask Alexa to play a game like Jeopardy, True or False, or Song Quiz and let the trivia-fun begin! If you get bored with one game, simply move on to the next!

Add Some Mystery

Want to add a little mystery to your life? Give the CBS Radio Mystery Theater skill a try. Just say, “Alexa, open Radio Mystery Theater,” and the old-time radio show will add some mysterious drama to your day!