Kalkaska County Agricultural Fair Offers Free Admission

‘Harvest the Memories’ is the theme at this year’s Kalkaska County Agriculture Fair. The four-day fair kicks off Wednesday.

The event started back in the early 1900s.

Through the decades a lot has changed.

While the community is looking forward to keeping time tested traditions going this year, they’re also adding some new attractions.

And for the first time in more than decade the fair is bringing a carnival to town!

Kalkaska County Agricultural Fair secretary Debbie Ball-Odeh says there’s no fee to stop by.

“There is never a gate fee to come into the Kalkaska County fair. We don’t charge by the car load, we don’t charge by the individual to come in. So what you’re going to pay when you are on the grounds is going to be the carnival, if you want carnival rides.  But to actually come on the grounds and just look around, do the petting zoo. None of that costs anything,” .

Other highlights include Motors and Mayhem Friday and Saturday night and the return of a world-renowned comedian Gallagher.

You can find the full list of events here.