Denver Zoo Shares Adorable Video of 3-Week-Old Lion Cub

The Denver Zoo shared a behind-the-scenes video of the lion cub born last month that proves cats don’t always land on their feet!

“Still behind-the-scenes, our bouncing (rolling, really) baby boy is now 3 weeks old and weighs just shy of 8lbs.,” zoo officials said.

Keepers said their “little adventurer” has figured out how to leave the den box and wanders around until his mom brings him back inside.

The cub and his mom can now see the other members of the pride — Tobias, Kamara and Sabi — through mesh, and keepers say the grownups are “obsessed with the cub.”

The zoo also announced Tuesday that they plan to let the public help name the little guy, but the full details have not been announced yet.