Roller Coaster Week on Wall Street Highlights Trade Debate

President Trump is pushing back on concerns over the risk of a recession facing the U.S. economy.

It comes after a roller coaster week on Wall Street.

Over the weekend, the president tried to calm fears of a recession.

He says the 2017 tax cuts have made American consumers rich.

President Trump’s economic advisers also chimed in.

Director of the U.S. economic council Larry Kudlow pointed to strong retail and a low unemployment rate as signs the U.S. economy is still strong.

Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy Peter Navarro is also rejecting any talk of a recession.

Democrats say the president’s policies are not working and continuing the trade war with China is not the way forward.

President trump insists the U.S. economy is poised for growth after the trade deals are done.

But after months of negotiations between China and the U.S. there is still no trade deal in sight.