Reed City Man Facing 20 Years in Prison; Accused of Threatening Ferris State University

A man appeared in court accused of threatening a Northern Michigan college, hospitals and local VA agency.

It follows a disturbing trend across the U.S. of young men threatening mass violence.

There were three arrests for it just this weekend. In Osceola County state police got a tip about a man posting threatening videos to YouTube.

Now he is facing three felonies, including threatening domestic terrorism. Arnold Holmes was officially charged in the Osceola County courthouse Monday.

Police say he made threats in a string of YouTube videos over the weekend.

Monday night 9&10 News got the chance to speak with Holmes’ grandmother and girlfriend.

We’ve chosen not to show you the videos due to the sensitive matter around potential mental health issues.

“I think he was just looking for attention. Look at all the stuff in the news all these people getting attention,” says Kalei Risner, Holmes’ girlfriend.

Arnold Holmes of Reed City caught the attention of police after posting threatening videos on YouTube over the weekend.

“Posting videos is one thing but I don’t think he’d ever follow through with it,” Risner said.

The threats were mostly directed at a Ferris State University professor, his leaders in the marines and local hospitals. His family says he has struggled with PTSD since he was discharged from the Marines in 2012.

“You can tell he was very regretful, he was ashamed of what he did,” Risner said.

His girlfriend Kalei and his grandmother Sharon were there for his arraignment and say his troubles began after an explosion in Afghanistan in 2009.

They say he has had anger issues but they’ve never seen anything like this.

“He has struggled and suffered ever since he’s been home nobody wants to help him,”

Still Holmes’ family says they understand threats like these can’t be taken lightly.

“It’s scary you don’t know somebody and they say that stuff,” Sharon Holmes, Arnold’s grandmother said.

Holmes faces three felony counts, threatening domestic terrorism, using a computer to commit a felony and using a telephone to commit a felony.

He is being held on a million dollar bond and faces 20 years in prison.