Family of 2-Year-Old Killed in Isabella Co. Trailer Fire Speaks Out

“I’ve never felt more helpless in my life.”

A Northern Michigan family is grieving after a 2 year old did not make it out of a fire alive.

Friday night we told you about the fire at a trailer home in Mount Pleasant.

Crews got to Bradley Street around 6, but heavy smoke kept them from getting to the child.

Great aunt Bethany McDonald says a neighbor alerted the family.

“A neighbor across the street from the mobile home had seen smoke coming out and yelled down to us that she thought the trailer was on fire,” she says.

Bethany McDonald and her family immediately jumped in to action.

“My husband, my sons, their girlfriends, their wives, every one of us was there, did everything we could do.”

She says she watched while two of her sons went in to the home.

“Terror, I was terrified. I was proud of him, so many emotions all in one,” she said.

Leroy McDonald Jr., a cousin to the 2 year old, says he busted his knuckles trying to get in.

“I have to save them. That was the only thing I was thinking, don’t matter if it cost me my life,” he said. “We thought he was in the back bedroom at the time because we kept hearing voices back there. Later we found out he was near the front, but the whole front area was engulfed in flames.”

But they were not able to get to 2-year-old Arthur Lee in time.

“The police, the firefighters, every one of us gave everything we could,” Bethany said.

The community is helping anyway they can. Boxes of clothes, books and games are already piling up for the family.

“Not only did they lose their home and everything they had in their home but they lost a child as well and the pain of that is immeasurable,” Bethany said.

Fire crews have not yet named a cause of the fire.

A GoFundMe account has been set up for the family. If you’d like to donate, click here.