Wings Over Northern Michigan Grounds Airshow for Good

“I know there is some disappointment out there but again I think there’s a true level of understanding,” said Joe Duff, the Gaylord city manager.

Wings Over Northern Michigan brought crowds of people to Gaylord every year.

But as they say, all good things must come to an end.

The air show just flew through its tenth year, but Wings Over Northern Michigan will not fly in 2020.

“Anytime you lose such a tremendous event like Wings Over Gaylord, there’s going to definitely be an impact to our community,” said Duff.

The Gaylord city manager says they’re sad to say goodbye to Wings Over Northern Michigan.

“We’re sorry to see it go. We can definitely understand the reasons why. Our airport, Otsego County have done just a tremendous job building this event up to one of the premiere events in northern Michigan,” said Duff.

They’ve decided to ground this event to end on a high note.

With larger crowds than ever the past couple years, they’ve outgrown the Gaylord Regional Airport.

“We hope that the community can continue to be ever vigilant and see more activities and events occur,” said Duff.

While the city is disappointed this event is no longer taking place, so are local businesses downtown who say they were flooded with good business from this event alone.

“Business was thriving when it was around so it’s really tough and you kind of take a big hit on it,” said Jordan Awrey, the marketing manager at Snowbelt Brewing Company.

Snowbelt Brewing Company says they’ll miss the people Wings Over Northern Michigan brought in.

“We even got to meet and socialize with a lot of the pilots, bring them back in the brewery, talk smack with them, see what’s up and learn a lot of cool stuff and it’s a very historical event that’s part of this town,” said Awrey.

It was an event many businesses counted on.

“I see a big concern with it. I see this number and now it’s at this number potentially which is not cool,” said Awrey.

But they remain hopeful.

“It’s devastating to see it go away and I think that hopefully the right things can come together so we can bring it back,” said Awrey.