Shorts Brewing Co. Discusses Partnership Creating Beer Flavored Marijuana Products

Shorts Brewing Company in Elk Rapids is venturing into the recreational marijuana world.

They announced a partnership with Lansing based Green Peak to make beer flavored marijuana products.

Shorts is known for experimenting with different beer flavors. Now, they’re getting ready to take some of those flavors into marijuana products.

“It’s an exciting and obviously very new industry that’s developing and changing continuously. Our partnership with Green Peak is really just about getting going and being ready if there is a larger change on the federal level,” said Shorts partner Scott Newman-Bale.

Those products include Soft Parade flavored gummies, an IPA vape pen and a cannabis infused beer, though legally it won’t be able to contain alcohol, at least not yet.

“We’re looking for distinctive flavors that we could replicate and know that they’re being replicated which was why Soft Parade was the number one choice with the fruit based product, that we can then use those fruits to replicate those flavors,” said Newman-Bale.

None of the products will be made at Shorts Elk Rapid’s facility. They’ll all be made at Green Peak’s facility and distributed state wide.

“It’s cool and also scary at the same time. We’re very heavy on our compliance and this has been a fun but challenging area to make sure that we follow all the rules. We’re seeing what’s happening in Colorado with potentially substitution from marijuana and alcohol so we just want to be prepared in case anything big changes in the industry, so it’s more of kind of hedging our bets and protecting ourselves as well,” said Newman-Bale.

The new beer flavored marijuana products are expected to be available later this year.