Local Artist Paints Mural on Charlevoix Fish Cleaning Station

When you think fish cleaning station, you probably don’t think of bright, vibrant colors.

Say hello to the one in Charlevoix, all thanks to a local artist.

Kim Richelle is a painter and writer who has lived in Charlevoix since she was four years old.

Thursday afternoon, she signed off on a mural that covers the entire fish cleaning station building.

It’s a busy spot in Charlevoix, and it took her over a month to finish.

The mural features fish found in Lake Charlevoix.

Richelle says she is happy to share her work with the community.

“At first it was such a simple concept. It was like do you want to paint some fish on the fish cleaning station? I’m like sure, and then it became more and more where I had to do a lot of research. I learned more about fish than I ever needed to know. So much of it for me was that I love this launch. I love this little corner of Charlevoix, and it was a way to sort of give back to all it’s given us,” said artist Kim Richelle.

The mural is part of a larger renovation of the fish cleaning station.

Richelle will put the final touches on her mural when the project is finished next spring.