Crews Still Searching For Man Who Went Missing in Grand Traverse Bay

It’s now been more than 24 hours since there’s been any sign of a man 57 year old Terry Warren, who went missing out on Grand Traverse Bay.

The Coast Guard searched all night and throughout most of the day.

Now the search and rescue is turning into a search and recovery mission.

Warren was last seen leaving the Northport Marina around 4 in the afternoon on Wednesday.

His boat came onto the beach near a house off East Ingalls Bay Road more than 5 miles to the south about two hours later.

A state police dive team just left from the Suttons Bay Marina.

The Leelanau County Sheriff’s, Grand Traverse Band Tribal Police, and Northport firefighters are just some of those who have also been looking for Terry Warren.

“He’s a go-getter. He’s one of those guys that’s always for the most part always smiling,” said Mastercraft Co-worker, Andrew Butler.

It started with a call of an empty boat, adrift in Grand Traverse Bay Wednesday night. State police believe Terry Warren was the only person in the boat and had possibly fallen overboard.

“They found his boat with him not on it so I kind of knew something was wrong,” said Knot Just a Bar Co-worker, Angel Roman.

One of Terry’s fellow line cooks at Knot Just a Bar says he and Terry would often go out on the water together. But he says Terry didn’t usually go out alone.

“He’s got a jet ski as well that he would always be riding here to work, but the boat, very rarely. We were always on the boat with him,” said Roman.

State police believe Warren towed his boat to the Northport Marina with this golf cart at about 4 o’clock Wednesday. He was spotted an hour later, North of Omena.

“This morning I went by the marina going into work and I had seen his trailer and golf cart still there, which at that point I got more worried. If he would have made it to shore he would have picked that up,” said Butler.

Warren’s boat came ashore around 6pm, the motor still running and coming more than 10 feet off the shore, across a small section of sandy beach and coming to rest in a wooded area. There was no one at the wheel, with fishing poles and cold beverages and life jackets, still on board. Leaving friends and coworkers worried.

“He had bad knees you know. If he fell in the water he wouldn’t be able to swim. He never wore his life jacket either,” said Roman.

Friends say the 57 year old was a marine, but not a strong swimmer.

The state police dive team will focus their efforts between Omena and Northport.