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Shred Camp: Women Unwind, Find Harmony on Lake Michigan

Women in Northern Michigan will be hitting the waves this weekend. It’s part of a four day camp that focuses on fluidity, peace and empowerment, all on the water.

9&10’s Christine Kanerva joined in on the fun to feel like power and tranquility of Lake Michigan.

Leda Olmsted, a stand up paddle board instructor, said, “The way that we teach on the water is from a place of safety and stability and confidence, so every single girl ended up surprising themselves.”

Olmsted and Ella Skrocki, from Sleeping Bear Surf and Kayak shop in Empire, started Shred Camp last year as a way for women to relax and trust the force of Lake Michigan.

Last year’s camp was so popular that this year’s sold out in just 20 minutes after spots opened up.

Olmsted said, “By the time you get onto the board and sit down and connect, you realize that we’re all just building everything up from a solid foundation, there’s no rushing and it’s creating this connection to yourself.”

The camp includes paddle board yoga and learning how to surf the waves.

“Just letting go and trusting yourself,” said Skrocki. “Let them fall in and realize that it’s okay to fall in.”

A lesson that they will take back with them out of the water.

Olmsted said it’s a time for the women to take care of themselves and do something out of their comfort zones. By the end of the camp, she said, the women end up surprising themselves.

Skrocki said, “I think a lot of people underestimate the power of lake Michigan, so if I could send everyone home with a little bit of passion for lake Michigan that would be my ultimate goal.”

This Shred Camp is full, but you can check out all of the other events Sleeping Bear Surf and Kayak offers at their website