Nicole Ver Kuilen Brings us Forrest Stump & Her Story

Anyone and everyone can be an athlete, but only some people can become an athletic inspiration.

Three steps that one Northern Michigan athlete says are vital are a good attitude, motivation, and a pair of shoes.

Nicole Ver Kuilen is a National Champion triathlete and she isn’t letting anything hold her back from reaching her goals.

She said, “When people would say athlete and my name I didn’t necessarily associate the two together. I didn’t think of myself as an athlete.”

Nothing can hold Nicole back, even something as hard as losing a leg. When Nicole was just ten years old, she lost her left leg to bone cancer, but what most would consider a disability, she is considering her motivation.

Being an athlete is what makes Nicole feel alive and biking, running, and swimming are her favorite ways to express herself. Plus, she isn’t just an inspiration, but an advocate for the next generation of amputee’s. She is looking to amend current laws and policies that hinder an amputee’s quality of life, like the price of a prosthetic.

Her organization, Forrest Stump, is working to help people obtain the prosthetics that they need and of course advocate for the rights and services of amputees.

To learn more about her journey and her organization, click here.

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