Munson Butterfly Release Honors Memories of Loved Ones

About 100 butterflies were released Wednesday evening in Cadillac, all in memory of lost loved ones.

Following a ceremony that included stories and music, Munson released their own butterfly.

Then names of loved ones were called one – by – one.

Families were invited to come up, get a butterfly and release it.

The Munson bereavement coordinator says it’s important for families to hear the name of their loved ones out loud.

“Butterflies are one the few animals on the planet that change from one life form to another. They start as a caterpillar and they go into cocoon and they completely transform to a new being and when they transform to this new being and leave the cocoon they fly to the heavens,” said Sharon Neumann, the bereavement coordinator for Munson Healthcare.

For anyone interested, a similar ceremony will be held in Roscommon on Saturday and they’ll be one on Sept. 7 in Traverse City.