Climate Change Rollback: Michigan, 21 Other States Sue EPA

The Environmental Protection Agency is on the legal firing line this morning.

More than 20 states, including Michigan, are suing the agency about a rollback of an Obama-era climate rule.

The rollback by the Trump Administration would ease restrictions on coal power plants.

It may also make it impossible for states to choose sources of energy with lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Now 22 states and seven cities are suing the EPA in their effort to roll back the restrictions.

They say it undercuts efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and disregards the Clean Air Act.

The rule change is designed to make good on President Trump’s campaign promise to revive the nation’s coal industry.

This is the latest pushback by states accusing the Trump administration of endangering the environment with their policies.

And here’s what Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel has to say about the decision to sue.

“My colleagues and I are deeply concerned with the blatant disregard the Trump administration has for science and the imminent threat to all presented by climate change.

We will not back down from this fight, as our country and the entire world will be negatively affected by Trump’s dirty power rule.”