Paint Grand Traverse is Attracting Artists Nationwide

From beaches to farmland and everything in between, it’s no secret northern Michigan is absolutely stunning.

That’s what’s bringing in artists from around the country to take part in this year’s Paint Grand Traverse.

A Plein Air Festival and Competition that is giving artists the chance to challenge themselves, find inspiration and connect with other artists.

Rick Koehler is one of these creators and he calls Lake Leelenau home.

Koehler said, “I started painting 6 years ago and I absolutely love it and every chance I get to go outside and paint I do. As an architect I had to be tight and precise all my life and my goal as an artist is to be loose.”

Madison Gardner took us to Leelanau County’s Suttons Bay to see Rick’s work leap off the canvas and learn what’s new at this year’s paint Grand Traverse.

Forty-four artists from across the country are making their way to northern Michigan to participate in this festival and each one is as unique as the next.

To learn more about the festival, visit one of the three sites listed below.

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