House, Senate Agriculture Committees Meet to Discuss Issues Facing Farmers

This season’s tough weather conditions for Northern Michigan farmers has the state looking at what can be done to help.

The state House and Senate agriculture committees held a hearing at Michigan State University to address the issues farmers are facing and discuss what can be done.

The wet spring caused many farmers to miss plant dates.

Farmers have had to dive into insurance and safety net programs they never had before.

That has left the entire industry in limbo as farmers wait for this fall’s harvest to know the long-term impacts.

Tuesday’s hearing was to raise more awareness that these issues stretch much further than the corn field itself.

“This situation has long-lasting and far-reaching impacts. Not only on the farmers’ bottom line but all of our states agricultural economy as well. The goal of today’s hearing is simply to elevate the conversation among Michigan legislators,” explained Rep. Julie Alexander, House Agriculture chair.

Michigan has had a record number of farmers fail to farm their lands this year to their usual standards.