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Rennie Orchards: Fourth Generation Cherry Farmer Stays in the Industry for the Joy it Brings Season after Season

It’s crunch time here in the cherry capital and at Rennie Orchards in Willamsburg that is no exception. Sandy Rennie is a fourth generation cherry farmer who has been looking after the farm since the 1960’s. “Cherry season is intense. You gotta get up every day and it’s boom boom boom and it’s gotta happen in 30 days,” says Sandy Rennie.

He’s convinced no one has better fruit. Not just because of their taste but because of the science behind their location. “One of the reasons why is we’re in the best refrigeration unit nestled in between east and west bay and elk lake and all these areas make for a little different climate,” says Rennie.

Although running a farm is how he makes a living, he’s the business because of the joy it brings him season after season. “They said why don’t you retire? And I said you know what? I don’t know what do that I would be happier at,” says Rennie.

Through the years Sandy has found something we all are striving for– contentment. Rennie says, “I think, where would you rather be than out here plowing and I said you know what, know ones bother me. This is as good as it gets.”

For Sandy Rennie running a successful farm is truly the cherry on top.

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