New Program Alerts Drivers Through GPS When Approaching Emergency Vehicles

“It’s a big deal that our staff goes back home to their families at the end of their shift,” said Bill Parker, the Blair Township Fire Chief.

A new trial program aims to keep drivers and EMS crews safer.

The HAAS alert program tells drivers when an emergency vehicle is stopped nearby.

The Blair Township Fire Department started using it just five days ago.

When first responders turn their emergency lights on, it sends out a signal.

For those who use the Waze app or have a newer car with navigation systems, an alert pops up to warn drivers.

The fire department says each device costs $375 so they are looking to see how helpful they are before buying more.

“It’s a big deal you know a week ago there was a firefighter in Green Lake that got hit by a car and then a construction worker down in Kingsley this past week, so it’s important for us that people slow down and move over,” said Parker.

After the 60 day trial, the Blair Township Fire Department will decide if they should request a grant to get devices in all their trucks.