Family of Bear Lake Crash Victim Shares Letter From Accused Driver

We’re taking a closer look at a crash that claimed the life of a construction worker and left another one severely injured.

20 year-old André Alvesteffer was working along U.S. 31 back in September when deputies say he was hit and killed by a car.

Damon Williamson was working with him and was also hit, but survived.

Deputies say Charlene Myers from Bear Lake was the woman behind the wheel.

She was later charged with a moving violation causing death and a moving violation causing serious injury.

Both are misdemeanor charges.

The families of both André Alvesteffer and Damon Williamson have grown frustrated over the last year.

They feel the charges don’t send a strong enough message about protecting construction workers, especially after reading the police report from the crash.

André’s family received a letter from Myers this weekend.

It’s the first time they’ve heard from her since charges were filed and they shared that letter with 9&10 News.

The letter comes with an expected plea from Myers about a week away.

This was the scene on September 25th on U.S. 31 in Bear Lake. A black Ford Taurus hit André Alvesteffer, killing him. Deputies say the car also hit and severely injured Damon Williamson.

Manistee County deputies say Charlene Myers was the woman behind the wheel. We are unable to show you her picture since her mugshot was never taken. She was released on the scene.

But we can get a better picture of what deputies say happened on that day based on witness statements contained in the police report.

One witness told deputies she was going north when she saw Myers cross the center line and it didn’t look like she was slowing down. She said Myers said after the crash that she ‘blacked out.’

The witness also told deputies Myers said ‘she didn’t mean to do it and that Myers said ‘she had blacked out on previous occasions.’

On Friday, André’s family received a letter from Myers. It reads in part: ‘I cannot imagine how you feel, and every day I think about what happened. It goes on to say: ‘I wish I could change what happened’. She ends it by saying: ‘please accept my most sincere sympathy and prayers for your loss.’

Myers is due in court next Wednesday.

Court documents indicate she plans to plea no contest to the charges meaning she does not admit guilt but accepts the punishment.

She could get up to a year in jail.