Central Lake Voters Will Decide on Marijuana Businesses on November Ballot

The Village of Central Lake thrives off tourism. But a new industry could soon set up shop in town.

This November, voters will decide if they want to allow recreational marijuana businesses in the village.

The village previously opted out of recreational marijuana, but a citizen-led ballot initiative got enough signatures to challenge that.

Kelly Young of Central Lake started the petition to allow marijuana grow operations, processors, retailers, micro-businesses and transporters in town. Young owns and operates a CBD company and runs a non-profit that helps people use cannabinoid oils to treat medical issues.

She says there are already medical marijuana growers around Central Lake, and she wants to create an industry where everyone can work together to create safe access to cannabis.

“I would like to create a dispensary, a cafe…People need access to the plant at large and they need a safe environment to do it,” said Young, via a phone interview. “I believe in making Central Lake a beautiful destination that offers education and safe access to cannabis, medically and recreationally.”

But not everyone is on board with her vision.

Village council member Rob Tyler has lived in Central Lake for years, and worries these businesses could take over the small town.

“I have a huge issue with placing this industrialization in the village of Central Lake,” said Tyler. “There could be a grow facility on any one of these corners right now…they’re not going to be passing out candy for trick or treaters on Halloween.”

If the ballot measure passes, marijuana businesses could move into any place deemed “mixed use” in the village’s master plan. That encompasses parts of downtown.

Ultimately, the voters will decide on Election Day, November 5th.