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Art Walk Central, Vote for Your Favorite Art Piece in Mt Pleasant

Art reach of Mid-Michigan is hosting Art Walk Central, a unique competition that features more than 120 artists from across the region. Winners of Art Walk are awarded prizes for juror’s and people’s choice. That’s where you come in.

Sylvia Coon, a Michigan artist says the competition is a fantastic opportunity for local artists because it gives them exposure, which is difficult to get.

“We have so many talented people that need to be exposed so that everyone can see what’s going on here in the Mount Pleasant area,” said Coon.

Coon said her love for coloring books inspired her piece in the competition. It’s an acrylic painting about a girl who captured the moon.

“In the story what she’s going to do is protect the moon,” said Coon. “And she’s going to put it in her sleeve, and this is a like a magic type of duck, and this duck is going to help her and this little friend down here, the lizard… and these two friends are going to help her out.”

Coon is just one of the more than 120 artists competing in this year’s Art Walk Central competition.

Executive Director of Art Reach of Mid-Michigan Amy Powell said pieces are being showcased all over Mount Pleasant. You can find them in window displays, outdoors in the downtown park and inside Art Reach Mid-Michigan gallery.

“You don’t have to be an artist or an art connoisseur in order to be able to appreciate things that you see,” said Powell.

Coon said, “It’s kind of like finding a treasure I would say.” So take a walk, and explore the beauty and hard work of artists from all over the region. The competition ends on August 27.

If want your vote to count towards the people’s choice winners, you can register to vote or in store at Art Reach of Mid-Michigan. For your registration to be activated you must go to Art Reach of Mid-Michigan in Mount Pleasant or at the Central Michigan University art gallery.