Representative Cole Speaks on Distracted Driving Legislation at Memorial Motorcycle Ride

A local state representative was at a memorial motorcycle ride in Gaylord to share how he’s working to stop distracted driving.

Representative Triston Cole of Michigan’s 105th district spoke before the riders took off.

Cole says he spent 14 years driving a semi truck.

He says he saw a lot of people in their cars doing much more than driving.

Now he’s working on several pieces of legislation that define the scope of what is considered distracted driving.

“Some of it will address what you can do on your devices. For example now, it’s illegal to text and drive, however now you could shop on eBay, so there’s holes in the current law that we’re seeking to close, working closely with law enforcement to ensure what is passed is enforceable,” Cole said.

Representative Cole says he wants to encourage people to reach out to their local representatives to press for more distracted driving legislation.