More Than 70 Swimmers Take Part in 4th Annual Swim for Grand Traverse Bay

Nearly 100 swimmers from all over Michigan and beyond suited up Saturday for a great cause.

It was the fourth annual Swim for Grand Traverse Bay.

It’s one of the region’s only point to point two-mile swims.

And all of the money raised goes to the Watershed Center for Grand Traverse Bay, a nonprofit which works hard to protect the water.

Saturday more than 70 swimmers took part in the swim.

And organizers tell us they raised around $19,000 for the Watershed.

A cause these swimmers think is very important.

“I grew up around the water and my family goes up to Canada on a lake up there and so it’s always nice to see efforts being made to keep water areas nice and clean and accessible and available for people to use,” says swimmer Ted Muhlhauser said.

“Professionally we care about the water, personally we care about the water and then to have most 100 people out there supporting it. Fundraising it, it’s just an incredible feeling,” says the director of community engagement for the Grand Traverse Bay Watershed, Shelli DeFranco said.

Join us for the four on Monday for the full story and to hear from Ted’s wife who swam while six months pregnant.