Kitten Found in Recycling Bin, Incident Highlights Cat Overpopulation Issues and Animal Shelter Crowding

It’s hard to imagine a tiny, precious kitten inside of a dirty, full dump.

But that’s exactly where a man found a cat, meowing inside a recycling container in Grand Traverse County.

The man was dropping off his recyclables when he heard soft meowing coming from inside.

The cat was rescued, and taken to the veterinarian and later the Cherryland Humane Society. She was diagnosed with an upper respiratory issue but will otherwise be okay.

This incident is not unique, and Cherryland says it’s indicative of a much bigger issue.

“Earlier this year, we had kittens [left] by a dumpster out in the Fife Lake recycling center…and there was recently another report that another box was dumped by those same recycling dumpsters on Lafranier Road,” said Liz Williams, who is the manager of shelter operations.  “This is something that’s becoming more and more common because shelters are becoming overrun with kittens due to overpopulation in the pet community.”

Cherryland has more than 60 cats right now, and doesn’t have any more space for more to come in. They’re one of a few local shelters struggling to care for so many rescues.

“Between kitten season, some hoarding cases, court cases with animal control, we have no room at the inn,” said Williams.

Cherryland asks that you do not bring any more rescues or strays to their shelter. They would love to care for them, but physically do not have the space or resources to help right now.

“We cannot take any additional cats, if you’re looking to surrender your own cat, or you found another stray, were asking you to try as many other resources as possible,” said Williams. “You’re welcome to give us a call we have plenty of resources to give you.”

Cherryland Humane Society is in desperate need for forever homes for their kitties.

The cat found in the dumpster will not be available for adoption just yet because it is sick and also too young.

There are plenty more cats to fall in love with, and you can meet them and learn more information here: