Kitten Discovered in Grand Traverse Co. Dumpster

A troubling discovery inside a Grand Traverse County recycling container.

A kitten thrown inside, and it’s not the first time.

The kitten was taken to the Cherryland Humane Society where it is recovering.

Grand Traverse Animal Control says it’s something that keeps happening.

It’s hard to imagine something as cute and precious as a kitty could be thrown in here, along with all the junk.

But, that’s where a good samaritan found the cat, inside a dumpster and climbed in to rescue it.

She’s just seven weeks old.

It spent some time at the vet and was diagnosed with an upper respiratory issue.

Now, the kitten is resting and getting healthy.

Cherryland says this isn’t the first time cats have been thrown in the dump.

“No this is not the first time, earlier this year we had kittens dumped not in a dumpster but by a dumpster out in the Fife Lake Recycling Center, and there was recently another report that another box was dumped by those same recycling dumpster on LaFranier not too long ago,” said Liz Williams of Cherryland Humane Society.

As cute as that kitten is, she is not yet available for adoption because she is too young and sick.

But there are more than 60 other cats at Cherryland who need a home.

They are bursting at capacity and desperately need to find owners.