Forgotten Eagles Group Visit 32 Counties in Michigan to Honor Veterans

The Forgotten Eagles flew in on motorcycles Friday to honor those who served, especially those who didn’t make it home.

The Forgotten Eagles is group that helps with the needs of veterans in Michigan.

In the past two weeks, chapter three visited 32 counties throughout the state.

In each county, they have a ceremony and lay a wreath to remember those who served and gave their lives.

They are also accepting donations that will go to places such as the Michigan Veterans Trust Fund and the VA of Grand Rapids and Saginaw.

“To see the people line the streets with the flags, that just fills my heart with pride to know that we live in a country where we have so many freedoms to do so many wonderful things,” said Terry Kunst, the chapter three president for Forgotten Eagles.

Saturday, they will head out of Houghton Lake for their freedom ride.