Case Against Rep. Inman Moves Forward; Judge Requests Clarification on Charges

Developing news on state Representative Larry Inman’s federal court case.

He was back in federal court Friday looking to have his case dismissed.

Inman’s attorney says the federal government and FBI went too far in the investigation.

The Grand Traverse County representative is facing charges for lying to the FBI and attempted extortion and bribery.

The case is based around text message between Inman and a carpenters union asking for campaign money in exchange for a vote.

In court Friday, the federal judge did not dismiss the charges but wants clarification on the attempted extortion and bribery charges.

He has fears campaign contributions are protected under the First Amendment and the slippery slope that would be created over any sort of campaign contribution for lawmakers in the future and the fear of crossing a line.

The judge ruled to go forward with the lying to the FBI charge but has given both sides up to five weeks to update their arguments and respond.