AG Nessel Talks Line 5 Latest & How She Wants to Combat PFAS

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel led a seminar on government transparency at North Central Michigan College in Petoskey Friday.

“As the Attorney General, I think it’s part of my job to educate the public,” Nessel said. “People can’t be protected by their government, that they pay their taxes to, unless their government is accessible as possible.”

Northern Michigan’s News Leader sat down with the Attorney General for a wide-ranging interview about everything from her Line 5 lawsuit to what she wants to do to combat PFAS.

“It is not a good place to have a pipeline and that’s the understatement of the century,” Nessel said.

She’s been an opponent of Line 5, oil company Enbridge’s pipeline that pumps oil through the Straits of Mackinac.

This week Enbridge informed the state an unsupported segment of the pipeline has grown bigger.

“The type of erosion that causes that type of problem to occur is typical in the Straits we have massive currents, that’s part of the reason I think the line is so inherently unsafe,” Nessel said. “It makes me even more certain that it was proper for us to file this lawsuit and decommission the line.”

Nessel filed a lawsuit in June to move towards decommissioning Line 5.

Despite the legal action, Enbridge is still moving forward with their plan to create a tunnel for Line 5.

“If they have permits that are already put into place then they have every right to execute based on those permits, but I wouldn’t be too optimistic if I were them,” Nessel said.

Another issue effecting our water is PFAS. Nessel says her office is working to address it.

“We’re looking for national law firms who specialize in PFAS litigation to come in and take on the chemical manufactures,” Nessel said. “The way I feel about it is if you have a company through their own malfeasance caused water contamination and as a result significant health concerns to Michiganders, that shouldn’t be on us as tax payers those companies should be responsible and I have every motivation to go after them.”