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The Expert Behind Traverse City Pickle Company

Yesterday we brought you pickle ice cream here on ‘the four’, and today we are bringing you the pickle man himself.

We were joined by Brian Shaughnessy from the to learn all about these pickles who made their debut in …. ice cream.

Our very own brave soul, Michelle Dunaway, tried “Prego Pickle” from yesterday, but she wasn’t quite sure about that salty and sweet mixture, but she was sure that she would enjoy the pickles themselves as they made their way into the Heritage House Kitchen.

Now Brian is not only a pickle master, but a master of humor as he states, “I’d love to start by telling you about my long-ago Polish-Jewish immigrant great-grandparents who struggled to come to America, arrived at Ellis Island, and began their new life with a pickle cart and a dream…But since my family is 100% Irish, this tale probably wouldn’t fly too far.”

He grew up just a block away from his grandmother who was an entrepreneur for her time, but couldn’t cook to save her life, but luckily he married into the business.

His wife’s grandmother is the pickle connoisseur, too bad she epically failed at writing down anything.

Brian says that it took nearly 10 years to perfect the recipe and get it even close to her greatness, but they did it and here they are now.

His pickles are rare and he wanted to bring them right here to Northern Michigan.

To learn more about these awesome pickles,

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