President Trump Visits El Paso, Dayton

The president is back in Washington, D.C. this morning after visiting the grieving cities of El Paso and Dayton.

The scheduled trip was to meet with victims’ families and leaders of the two communities.

Both the president and the first lady stayed largely out of the public eye.

In El Paso, the president visited a hospital and an emergency operations center to meet with law enforcement officers.

But the president was also met with opposition on his visit with groups asking the president to do something to curb gun violence.

The president’s visit to Dayton proved to be a similar showing mixed with support and protests of the president’s visit.

But Dayton’s mayor said it was important for the people of Dayton, and that the president was very supportive.

President Trump says he will urge congress to pass a ban on assault rifles, but says there is no political appetite for it.