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The Four

Boyne City Pirate Fest 2019: A Northern Michigan Treasure

Arrrggg you looking for a fun weekend? Join the pirates and other miscellaneous characters at this year’s Boyne City Pirate fest (Arrrgust 8th-11th) The four’s Madison Gardner had the chance to learn what it takes to be a pirate at the Foundry Bar & Grill in East Jordan.

It starts with the attire. To act the part you first have to look the part! These pirates go all out with the hats, weapons, jewels, scarves, etc. Seaweed Cindy says, “My favorite accessory arg me pearls!”

But it’s not just the outfit that makes you a pirate — it’s the language. Rolling your “R’s” are essential. Tommy Tropic says, “Put a little bit of gravel in your voice. It sounds more fierce and formal! Shiver me timber!”

Last but not least you need to know how to put up a good fight! With sword in hand these pirates are ready for battle! the theatrics are what make the battle entertaining. They are jumping, ducking and even flipping to get away from the wrath of the sword! Tommy Tropic at times wasn’t even looking! “It’s not necessary with a couple of naves like this,” says Tommy.

The festival will have a treasure hunt, live entertainment, costume contest, boat rides, kids costume parade, etc.

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