Sponsor Kids Reading for $1 a Month!

Finding love for reading is hard at any age, but Cadillac Area Public Schools is kicking off their program to encourage reading for 3rd graders and it’s already booming.

26 out of 26 kids have already been sponsored by some awesome community members who want to encourage healthy habits.

Here’s how it works if you are interested in sponsoring:

Scholastic has books for just 1 dollar and Lisa Outman in Cadillac wants her students to be able to take home a new book each month for their Help Support Reading Program.

If you select a 1 dollar book that is only 10 dollars for one child for an entire school year.

To sponsor, all it takes is a 10 dollar check written to “Scholastic Book Club” and kids will get a new book every month.

We had Lisa Outman, Heidi Kastl and Kelly Thompson on today representing three elementary schools in Cadillac.

All elementary schools are participating including Mackinaw Trail Middle School.

You can mail checks to any of the school offices, or walk them in yourself to help sponsor a classroom.

Once a school is sponsored, they will pass along the money to another school in need.

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