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MTM On The Road: Behind-The-Scenes Making Cherry Republic’s Newest Jam

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Cherry Republic’s newest and freshest jam is officially here.

The 2019 Montmorency Nouveau Preserves from are transferred from the tree to the jar within 24 hours.

The jam is made from the season’s very first harvest of Montmorency tart cherries.

It’s a celebration of the cherry season and the farmers that work to grow them in Northern Michigan.

Also, 25 cents of each jar sold will be donated back to the farmers.

The cherries in the Montmorency Nouveau Preserves were picked on August 5 and jarred on August 6. They were then delivered to every Cherry Republic location—still warm from the kettles that very same day.

There is limited quantities of the preserves, so make sure you get your hands on one!

If you can’t make it to any of their six locations, people can also order them .

Start your Wednesday with Regan Blissett and Stephanie Adkins as they take you behind the scenes at Cherry Republic Factory in Empire and Cherry Republic in Glen Arbor to see the preserves get made and delivered to the store.

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