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The Four

MOOmers Welcomes New Flavors!

Ice cream is a summertime must and we are lucky enough to have right here in Northern Michigan.

They are welcoming some new flavors this summer and one of them has us all at a halt – “Prego Pickle” Ice cream. Yes, you heard that right, pickle flavored ice cream.

Tomorrow on ‘the four’ we are talking with the provider of said pickles.

Madison Gardner was in Traverse City at to talk all about their variety of new flavors. The four new flavors included:

Prego Pickle 

-Cow Flower (Lemon Dream ice cream with sunflower seeds and chocolate chips)

-Lavender Honey Seed (lavender honey-based ice cream with sunflower seeds)

-Chocolate Sun butter (chocolate ice cream with Naturally Nuttys sunflower butter swirl and sunflower seeds)

To head on out to MOOmers and learn more about their homemade delights,

Plus, watch the video above to see Madison taste them all!

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