Michelle in the Motor City: Moonlight Yoga & Storybook Yoga in

The Detroit River Conservancy and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan have partnered up to bring Detroiters a safe place to relax and unwind with Moonlight Yoga on the Detroit Riverfront.

People from all across the community gathered to enjoy this glow-tastic event.

Michelle learned all about it during her tour around the Motor City with photojournalist William Bly and she even got to meet up with our dear friend of ‘the four’, Grace Derocha.

This event was organized to remind people how fun and healthy yoga is, but they put a twist on it that could get the whole family involved.

Yoga Instructor and Program Director at Urban Solace in Detroit, Michelle Moten, said, “I am a native Detroiter and we are just so excited that the conservancy has created a space where people can come and play in a safe environment. So the fact that people are here to support the conservancy and also to do something healthy for themselves and their friends is wonderful.”

And we couldn’t bring you something from Detroit without tying it to our area. There is a place for you to get involved with your whole family and enjoy yoga at the same time right here in northern Michigan in Ludington. They are hosting Storybook Yoga sessions August 9 through August 16 at Noon.

To learn more about the event, click here.

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