Ironman Traverse City Charity Challenge: T.A.R.T. Trails

The Ironman Traverse City 70.3 is bringing people and charities around Northern Michigan together to celebrate health and community. For T.A.R.T. Trails this was an easy fit — they are one of five organizations that are participating in the Charity Challenge hosted by Traverse City Tourism.

A refresher for those that aren’t familiar with T.A.R.T Trails, Brian Beauchamp says, “We have been around for 20 years and we have a network of 80 non-motorized trails in the region. Our mission is to develop trails and encourage their use for recreation and transportation.” It was also easy for this organization to join in on the charity challenge because part of the competition takes place on their trails!

Fern Spence is competing on behalf of the T.A.R.T. Trails and she thought it was the perfect fit. She has been using the trails for years to prepare for countless races so now she is able to give back to the organization that has given her opportunities to stay healthy. Fern shares that even people who have competed before still face challenges when preparing. “It’s been a huge wakeup call and I have to work on a few things.”

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