FBI Says Dayton Shooter Obsessed With Mass Shootings, El Paso Shooter Targeted Hispanic Community

We are learning more information on what may have led the Dayton shooter to open fire.

The FBI says they have found evidence showing the shooter was obsessed with mass shootings and wanted to commit one.

The FBI expanded their search Tuesday into who and what may have influenced the 24-year-old gunman and why he chose Dayton’s entertainment district.

Initial investigations into the motive are pointing away from race or religion, and more towards a fascination with mass killings.

The suspect’s former girlfriend says he was open about that fascination.

The shooter’s family released a statement saying they give their most heartfelt condolences to all of the victims’ families.

And in El Paso, investigators say the suspected shooter there walked past white and black shoppers, deliberately shooting people that looked Hispanic.

Federal law enforcement say they have found video surveillance of the shooter entering the Walmart to eat before walking back out to his car to get his AK-47.

The shooter had driven more than 10 hours from the Dallas area to El Paso to target the border community that is 80% Hispanic.

The El Paso community continues to mourn and trying to come to grips with the reality.

President Trump is set to make visits to both El Paso and Dayton Wednesday.