Enbridge: Span Between Supports Grows Larger Than Agreed Distance With State

Oil company Enbridge says there is an unsupported portion of Line 5 that has grown over 75 feet allowed in an agreement with the state.

That agreement outlines rules to make sure any portion of the pipeline not touching the lake bed has supports every 75 feet.

Those areas can change over time as soil washes away or erodes.

The agreement allows Enbridge 90 days to address any issue.

They attempted to do preventative work, and put in for permits 16 months ago.

Enbridge says they have a permit from the state, but are just waiting for a permit from the Army Corp of Engineers.

“The span has actually grown in that time waiting for the permit, so we do have a crews right out at the straits right now, ready to go, they have the steel supports right there, they could do the work in just two days but we’re just waiting on that Army Corp permit to go forward,” Ryan Duffy, Enbridge spokesperson said.

Enbridge says the current span does not pose any safety threat.