Enbridge Moves Forward With Tunnel Project for Line 5

Enbridge was out on the Straits Wednesday getting ready to build the tunnel that will house the Line 5 pipeline.

They are moving forward with their plan to create a tunnel for Line 5, and Enbridge is now conducting research.

In the current phase of the tunnel project the Highland Eagle is out in the Straits of Mackinac gathering different samples from hundreds of feet below the water

“The next thing we want to do it take all of that data, tabulate it, understand it, understand the type of geology the type of conditions we expect to see and then we’re gonna have a team of design engineers and construction contractors who use that data to say this is how we’re gonna design the tunnel,” says Amber Pastoor, Line 5 project manager, Enbridge.

They say this vessel is perfect for this project.

“It doesn’t have any anchor cables holding it to the sea floor, it’s held in position by thrusters, which allows it to keep a small footprint in the shipping channel so it allows other vessels to pass by without possibility of fowling an anchor cable,” says Steve Williams, project director for Fugro.

This phase alone is a $40 million investment by Enbridge, even though the tunnel’s future is still unsure

Lawsuits filed both by Enbridge and Attorney General Dana Nessel have it in question.

Enbridge and Governor Whitmer say they are open to negotiations, but aren’t talking.

Despite all this the project manager keeps one focus.

“There are some political challenges and issues at play, but quite frankly as the project manager for the replacement and tunnel project, my focus really is on the project. The focus of me and my team is really on the project and that’s where we try to keep it,” said Pastoor.

The Highland Eagle is expected to be done with its research around the end of October.