Enbridge Conducts Research for Straits Tunnel Project

Enbridge’s Line 5 is a point of much controversy in Northern Michigan.

The pipeline runs oil and energy under the Straits of Mackinac, just west of the Mackinac Bridge.

Despite legal action to move towards shutting the pipeline down from the attorney general in June, Enbridge has been moving forward with their plans to construct a tunnel for Line 5.

Enbridge made a deal with the Snyder administration to create a tunnel for Line 5.

They had been negotiating with Governor Gretchen Whitmer for a timeline to speed up that tunnel, but talks fell through before the attorney general’s deadline and she took legal action in June.

While this legal matter is still being solved in the courts, Enbridge is still moving forward with its Straits tunnel project.

Right now they have a vessel in the Straits of Mackinac conducting research.

The vessel is doing some deep water drilling, collecting rock samples from the Straits for their tunnel project.