2019 CAR Seminars Shine a Light on Local Startups

Hundreds of top automotive executives are in Traverse City this week to talk about the growing auto industry. It’s part of an annual seminar by the Center for Automotive Research.

Not only does this seminar bring a thousand people into Traverse City, but it also helps smaller startup companies in Northern Michigan gain recognition.

Andrea Langler, sales and admin assistant for Thermavance, said, “Having this conference here with all of the top executives, it gives us a chance to really show it off.”

Thermavance is a business in Traverse City. They’ve created seats using an innovate method to directly heat and cool your body.

They’re now showing off their product to potential manufactures in the auto industry.

“It really works more efficiently so that you can be comfortable, I can be comfortable, and it can be too completely different things,” Langler said.

The 2019 CAR Automotive Management Seminar brings people into Traverse City from all over the world to talk about the vastly changing automotive industry.

Senior Vice President for CAR Lisa Hart said, “I think it’s really a good place for people to get a good snapshot of what’s happening in the auto industry and where the industry is going.”

The seminar helps build relationships, not just with top executives, but also with small startups. Some right here in Northern Michigan.

Dennis Arouca from the Grand Traverse Economic Development Corporation said, “We hope to convince some of these companies to say hey, it’s a pretty cool place. Maybe I’ll put a piece of business, a factory or an office. Don’t know, but unless we’re in the game talking to them, we’ll never know.”

Governor Gretchen Whitmer will be speaking at the seminar on Wednesday, August 7.

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