Shooting Aftermath: President Trump Says the Nation Must Condemn Racism and White Supremacy

Just days after two mass shootings shook the U.S., the country is coming to grips with the reality.

Vigils are being held across the nation for the victims, as well as protests fighting back against gun violence and gun rights.

Two tragedies in the span of just 13 hours claimed the lives of 31 people.

Now lawmakers are pushing for change, with many Democratic leaders pushing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to bring a background check bill, passed in the House, up for a vote in the Republican-controlled Senate.

However, many Republicans say we need to move towards more gun education and proper use methods.

Monday a vigil was held in El Paso in honor of the victims.

And after the shooter told the FBI that he was motivated by racism, the focus there was on ending hate in our country.

And just more than 1,500 miles away in Dayton, Ohio, a vigil was held for the nine victims that lost their lives less than a day later.

Coming together and fighting for the same message.

President Trump held a news conference Monday, saying our nation must condemn racism, bigotry and white supremacy.

He also said we need to do more to make sure people who are mentally ill stay away from fire arms.

The president held a meeting following the news conference to draw out what he had outlined.

He also spoke with executives from the National Rifle Association.