Recreational Marijuana Businesses in Vanderbilt: Voters to Decide Tonight

The village government in Vanderbilt said no to recreational marijuana earlier this year.

Then people here drove an initiative to put recreational marijuana on the ballot.

So Tuesday night voters will get the final say.

The petition to get recreational marijuana businesses on the ballot was signed by more than 5 percent of the voting population here – which is only about 17 people.

It’s a measure that would allow 22 recreational marijuana businesses in Vanderbilt.

Those would range from processing facilities to retailers, growers and distributors.

One voter we talked to says marijuana is okay – but doesn’t want to see all those businesses in town.

“I have nothing against marijuana, it’s just that this is a small community and I don’t think that we really need a distribution center,” says Mike Kenny, who lives in Vanderbilt.

If the village votes yes, the clerk will have 60 days to set up applications for people interested in opening a marijuana business.

And the village leaders will still have control over the zoning and policing.

We’ll be keeping an eye on this vote to bring you the result.