Potentially Final Visuals for Mitchell Street Corridor Revealed to Cadillac Community

“The keys primarily are walkability, a wider sidewalk, less obstruction.”

A vision for the future of downtown Cadillac is a little clearer.

Since last August, students from Michigan State University and the Alliance for Economic Success have been putting together a plan for the Mitchell Street Corridor, all based on the community’s input.

The corridor runs through the heart of downtown from Cass Street north to Boon Road.

Tuesday night locals packed the third public input session.

The executive director for the Alliance for Economic Success says the goal is to make the city more walkable and bike friendly.

Next they need to take these ideas to the planning commission.

“We’re going to ask people to prioritize what they would like to see us work on first and then tackle what we think is a feasible project that comes out of this. To take what the downtown has for walkability and continue that out into those township areas so that it continues that feel that it’s all connected,” says director Lisa Leedy.

To see the full plan presented, click here.