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Inside The Kitchen: Boone’s Prime Time Pub in Suttons Bay

“Oh it’s massive alright, it’s huge, people love it because it’s just massive,” said Robert Neddle, the Kitchen Manager.

Boone’s Prime Time pub in Suttons Bay makes it easy on you.

Its description right in the name — the Massive Mary.

So delicious that it’s deserving of chef Robert Neddle’s t shirt.

Both spears sink into the glass before the celery is of course overloaded with onion rings.

Robert says the burgers keeps him at Boone’s.

“So I figured to myself you know what I’m going work in a place I love,” he said.

A place he’s loved for 23 years now.

But 97 year old Gerald Walters can compete, coming to Boone’s Prime Time Pub with his father.

“He built it we owned a lot of the lumbar down here on a four wheel wagon,” said Gerald.

Seeing the walls go up before his very eyes, now he enjoys a little down time inside them.

“Whatever they have it doesn’t matter it’s always good, the bigger fish the better.”

A big piece of fish — a massive size Bloody Mary…

But it’s not just the portions bringing customers back.

“The people the food it’s very close to home,” said Robert.




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