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Governor Whitmer Speaks on Gun Control in Michigan

Many states will be taking up the issue of gun control laws, including possibly Michigan.

Tuesday on a tour or West Michigan touting her budget proposal and business executive orders, Governor Gretchen Whitmer spoke for the first time publicly on the issue of gun control in Michigan.

“I reject the false narrative that’s put out there that you can either support the 2nd Amendment or you can be for gun control but you can do both,” says Governor Whitmer, “Restrictions or even a ban on assault rifles, I think is something that doesn’t go against a 2nd Amendment hunter rights or your rights to protect yourself. It simply says that your ability to kill lots of people in a short period of time is what we’re going to restrain.”

Several bills to increase restrictions have been introduced but rarely have ever gotten out of committee but after the attacks this past weekend, the pressure is stronger than ever to get something done.

No bills can be discussed or passed while the legislature is on leave. They are expected back August 26th.