Evart Receives $30,000 Grant to Improve Historical Homes

Exterior fixes to your home can be time consuming and costly.

Thankfully, the Michigan State Housing Development Authority is awarding $1.4 million to dozens of communities across the state to help relieve that burden.

Evart is just one community in Northern Michigan that is receiving money from the Neighborhood Enhancement Program grant. The goal is to help beautify the community.

Evart homeowner Deb Booher said, “Every old house has old house issues, and there are certainly windows, doors, a porch that could be updated.”

The city of Evart was awarded $30,000 to give away to four historical houses in the downtown area. Equaling about $7,400 a house to do whatever exterior work the owner wants.

Booher said she has plenty of things she would fix if she received the money.

“I think sometimes if you lack resources you think you can’t change anything, and this is one way kind of equalizing that,” Booher said.

Evart City Manager Sarah Dvoracek said, “We’re just trying to give a little T.L.C to those homes that are historic in nature, and you may need a new roof, or a new front door or a couple new windows.”

But Dvorchek says you need to apply now. Applications are due by noon on Friday, Aug. 9.

“We’re just trying to get people excited, get people to apply, and help beautify our wonderful little city.”

A home improvement that Booher says will not just help today, but for the future of her children and grandchildren.

“I think recognizing that, that it’s for our entire community,” said Booher. “So that when we do walk down the street or visitors come looking, it is more attractive to everybody.”

Again, only four homes in Evart will receive money from the Neighborhood Enhancement Program Grant.

City of Evart’s Program Guidelines can be found on evart.org. If you need a copy of the program guidelines, please call The City of Evart or visit city hall.

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