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Bucket List Opportunity: Live in a Ludington Lighthouse

Michigan is home to over 150 lighthouses — the most out of any state in the country. People visit from near and far to take in their breathtaking views and learn about their maritime history. But, for some very lucky volunteers, they get to call Big Sable Point Lighthouse home for 2 weeks during the summer.

Jill Gallagher who is volunteering for her second year says, “It’s very unique. When I tell my friends who live in other parts of the state or other parts of the country, they are very envious.”

Envious of their view. “You’re surrounded by lake, dunes and forest so a lot of people find it peaceful and serene to come out here,” says Rachel Bendele, the Operations Manager of the Sable Point Lighthouse Keepers Association.

These modern day light keepers are looking after this piece of maritime history and educating visitors from around the world. They even follow traditions like keeping logs every day since 1867. “We monitor what’s going on in the lake – we monitor about some of the interesting stories about our visitors who have visited us,” says retired R.N., Jill Gallagher.

Looking after this beacon of history is at the top of the job description but it doesn’t come easy especially with the rising water levels. “The last few weeks we’ve really had a lot of people saying thank you for what you’re doing because there’s concern about the lighthouses continuing because that lake is really trying to take over Big Sable Point right now,” says Jill Gallagher.

This bucket list opportunity is giving people the chance to preserve and protect the future of this mighty light. There is an application process, background check, interview and orientation. There are four lights with different tour lengths (1-2 weeks).

If you’re interested, there are opportunities still available for summer of 2019.

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