Investigators Release New Details in 2 Recent U.S. Shootings

The scene outside of the Ned Peppers night club in Dayton Ohio, where nine people were killed and 27 injured.

After two devastating mass shootings over the weekend, investigators are releasing new details about the attacks that left nearly 30 dead.

The FBI says the first shooting in El Paso is now being investigated as an act of domestic terrorism.

And law enforcement will be on scene again Monday morning looking for any more evidence they can find.

The 21-year-old El Paso shooting suspect, who 9&10 News is choosing not to name, opened fire at a Walmart near the border.

The FBI says just minutes before entering the store the suspect uploaded an anti-immigrant manifesto on to the website 8chan.

In total, the shooter killed 20 and injured more than two dozen.

The El Paso district attorney says the crime is appalling and they will now push for the maximum punishment.

The suspect was taken into custody shortly after the shooting broke out.

The FBI says he has been cooperative in the investigation, but they have given limited details into what information he has given them.

And just 13 hours later, a second shooting happened in Dayton, Ohio.

The FBI says they have now found writings in the shooters family home that showed he had an interest in killing.

Police say a 24 year old, who 9&10 News is also choosing not to name, was in a bullet proof vest and armed with hundreds of rounds.

He began firing just outside Ned Peppers, a popular night club.

The shooter was killed by law enforcement about 30 seconds after opening fire. But not before killing nine people and injuring 27 others.

One of those victims was the shooter’s own 22-year-old sister.

The city says it could have been much worse if police hadn’t responded so quickly, stopping him from entering the bar.

A motive for the killing is still unclear, but many who knew the suspect say he was very aggressive and had a quick temper.

In a search of his family home, investigators found a hit list made in high school, including a woman who rejected him romantically.

The president says his administration is providing whatever resources are necessary to officials on the ground in both communities.

He is expected to make a full statement on the shootings at 10 a.m. Monday morning.